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The Friends of Stanton Road Cemetery, Ilkeston, Derbyshire are a group of local people who believe that this site is a special place which should be preserved and sympathetically restored and cared for.

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WAR Graves

Re-Installation of Headstones for the War Graves
war graves

During the week commencing 24th March 2014 the five headstones from the graves of the servicemen who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars were re-installed in the cemetery by the War Graves Commission. The headstones had been removed when the cemetery fell into disrepair after its closure. It is very satisfactory to have these replaced where they belong.
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The Monuments

Monumental architecture and design

The cemetery is a fascinating reflection of the changes in taste in monumental architecture and design. This is illustrated by the variety of style ranging from the simplicity of early slate headstones (D132), to the Gothic revival (A199), the Egyptian style (A133) and the weighty marble of the late Victorian period (D29). Granite, marble, slate and sandstone were all used for monuments.
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The Ilkeston Giant

SAMUEL TAYLOR (The Ilkeston Giant)
ilkeston giant

It is by no means unusual these days to encounter someone who is more than 6ft tall. But, in the 19th century, when the average height was much less than it is today, even a "six-footer" would have stood out in a crowd.
No wonder, then that Samuel Taylor became a celebrity, for he attained the astonishing height of 7ft 4.5 ins.

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We Are Passionate About Our Cemetery

The Cemetery on Stanton Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire is a fascinating example of a Victorian burial ground, which was in use from 1864 until 1947 and contains the mortal remains of many interesting Ilkestonians from all types of work and social class.

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The People



Friends' President, Robert Lindsay
The Giant's Grave
On Saturday, 18 October, 2008, the grave of the Ilkeston Giant, Samuel Taylor, was rededicated in a ceremony attended by 49 members and guests of the Friends of Stanton Road Cemetery.

Chairman Mike Sanders and Pride in Erewash Co-ordinator Richard Windsor introduced the event. The Reverend Jacquie Gavin conducted the rededication, and the Friends' President, Robert Lindsay, and the Mayor of Erewash, Mrs Barbara Harrison, each gave a speech. The occasion ended with a reading of The Yew Tree of Ilkeston by poet Dave Wood.

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