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This page is dedicated to miscellaneous views of the Cemetery and past and present photographs of events since the Friends of Stanton Road Cemetery began.


New notice board at entrance to the cemetery, August 2012.

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"A Grave Affair" 8 September, 2012

Three guided walks, starting in Stanton Road Cemetery where 19 visitors were taken around the more interesting graves by John Hickman. Paul Rees then led the group to St Mary's Churchyard, where Stephen Flinders of the Ilkeston and District Local History Society gave an entertaining tour, and then led the group to Park Cemetery where refreshments and information where provided by the Friends of Park Cemetery.

Grave affair 1 Grave affair 2

grave affair 3 Grave affair 4

Snow Photo's

The snow 1 12 2010 015 the snow better view front to back 2010 021 the snow joans house view 2010 017 phoca thumb l the snow side view 2010 020

phoca thumb l the snow monument 2010 018

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Ilkeston School Pictures

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